Description of Services

Chris has experience with writing eBooks/eGuides, Special Reports, Blogs about/for your
business, Press Releases, Case Studies, White Papers, Technical Writing

Scripting Lead Generation
Scripts for Webinars, Web Content and Direction. Using these tools, Chris brings your
business to prospective customers converting them into clients.

Chris’s approach is to operate as partners with clients, and to strive for the goals they expect to achieve using:

 Lead Generation
Email with particular types of header lines are sent to decision makers. These headers and emails are designed to create the type of directed response needed by the client. Chris authors the sort of email that decision makers will respond to quickly.

Chris targets the right prospective customers that are interested or have opted for information on businesses like yours. (All this is white hat technology so there are no worries.)

Press Releases
Press Releases gain public attention to your business, organization, or activity.
They’re great for both big and small media outlets to get your word out, get interviews,
and finding the right crowd for your market. Chris writes about the benefits of
working with a company in an innovative way bringing attention to media
outlets which gender the business interest of those who need your services.

 Case Studies
A well-written Case Study can make a clear cut understanding between a
prospective client and you. Normally a regular case study can be 500 words with
some graphics, a picture, and some statistics added for stronger information. Its an
expanded story of a customer who needs a happy ending and demonstrates how your
company, has filled that need in three separate parts.

Special Reports
When you have a new product and you need information to get to your prospective
customer what do you do? Normally the Special Report is a type of an eBook, but
what sets it apart from simple information is that it’s specifically designed to tell
about what’s new, and exciting, as well what benefits your prospective customer in a great innovative way. This is used many times for lead generation.

Technical Writing
If your business/company produces software, electronic units, or any other type of
a product that the general public may not understand, Chris can produce a set of
instructions, and create the kind of directions that people can read to understandably
use your product or service.

 Web Content and Direction
Sometimes its only a small to medium website tweak that helps businesses get
placed on the top of the search engines. It’s the unique, and well-written content that
not only your prospective customers warm up to, but the search engines do as
well. Sometimes its an SEO (Search Engine Management), SEM (Search Engine
Management), or an SNM (Social Network Management), problem. Chris can
combine different elements together to find the right ways to put your business back
on the right track in gaining both the search engine notice and the prospective
customers you need.

White Papers
When you have a particular product that requires a serious, friendly explanation of
what you have, what you do, and what makes you a ROCK STAR in the eyes of
your clients, a white paper is one of the best ways of getting the information out on
what your product is, and is about.

Scripts for your Webinar
The web is moving at an incredible rate. Different things are happening that
businesses need to stay on top of in order to keep their product in the eyes of their prospective customers. This requires innovative action, 100% creativity, and certain kinds of out-of-the-box thinking. Webinars can do just that. Your script can be written with that particular warmness which makes your customer comfortable with your product even before they buy, use, or experience it.

eBooks/eGuides are great marketing materials that help to generate leads and
educate prospective customers to stay with only your product. It’s just one more
tool that helps your customer understand what your product is all about, what it can
do, the benefits, and the how-to specifics of using your product.

Blogs about/for your Business
Part of the “Web 2.0” type of marketing has been in many times the key to finding
more customers. Blogs on the right platforms on the internet about your business can
raise curiosity and customer awareness about your company’s ability to stand out
among the competition bringing you more customers.

Why should you hire Chris to write for you?
Because he looks at your product from a customers’ point of view and writes a
copy so that a NEW PROSPECTIVE can identify, and relate to. What is being said in
your webinar, case study, white paper, special report, business blog, eBook/eGuide,
press release, lead generation material and any other type of copy you need should hit key points of what that particular customer needs. Chris will also write it from an industry insight so that your customer feels comfortable, and is willing to learn something new and exciting that is only being shared with them by you and your business.