Lead Generation Specialist

Chris Specializes in Lead Generation.
Chris Carter Specializes in Lead Generation.

Chris specializes in lead generation, white papers, case studies, technical writing, webinar, voice advertisements, and other script writing, web copy, and copywriting.

Many times, your Company lives and dies by your reputation, and the web presentation you have. If either one of these doesn’t match, you can lose a prospective client who just grazes across your site looking for a company to contract.

Prospective customers come across your website every day. When it looks just like all the other sites they have seen, do you wonder why they aren’t calling even after your own best marketing efforts?

It’s about your connection with each new possible customer. I help you to create this so that it will be something different, fresh and inviting, as well as, bringing a warmer aspect to your service.

You need the professional information on your site that customers want to see in order to seek you out for more information. They need to feel comfortable with their investment in your company.

You thought you already had professional information on your site that potential clients and customers wanted right?

Your website and presentation says more than you think it does. The truth is, that it says both good things and bad things. If you’re not answering a supposed asked question that the prospect is REALLY looking for the answer to, then there are bigger chances that instead of calling you, they’ll find someone who will have that particular information, and you can lose a customer.

The tools in my toolbox range from SEO, SEM, SMO, and lots of other digital attention-grabbing techniques for search engines. But really, I’m talking about some other things that you and your site need to keep a prospective customer in the loop of your grasp.

Chris Specializes in:

  • Case Studies
  • White Papers
  • Technical Writing
  • Lead Generation
  • Web design direction
  • and more

Premier Customers are, “Feathers in your Cap”.  When you have one, it’s easier to gain the confidence of another.  They’re not easy to attain for many companies. Why?

A lot of times, it can be the way your website is presented to them. They don’t have time to see all the information on your site. So, when they see your site is just like all the others they’ve been searching through, they quickly go to the next one. ESPECIALLY when they REALLY need something fast.

Sound about right?

Chris is a specialist in Lead Generation, technical writing, white papers, case studies, web copy, and in working with different businesses in building their outreach toward new customers.

Leads and lead generation are what every business needs to survive, especially if they’re in the service business. With the right tools in use, a company can come out on top of the search engines, as well as satisfy potential customers in what they’re looking for. Helping your customers find what they need from you, also helps you retain that customer for future business.

The strategy is rather simple.

You and I work together catching your potential clients at the point of their need, and your door of opportunity is open.

To find information on how to gain clients, and keep them coming back, fill out the form below. Chris will connect with you to discuss your particular needs.

9 out of 10 businesses that have the tools I’ll be helping you with have a jump of 30% – 50% in their customer inquiries. We’re talking about setting you on the right path and keeping the wheels on your business from now, to the future of your business. It’s about plain talk in a way that GRABS the attention of your prospects and gives them the information they need to make decisions. In some cases, almost immediately!!

Could you use a minimum of 30% more customer conversions?

Submit your information on this form, and Chris will make a special report that gives you a view of how you can improve the number of business leads you have now by taking a good look at simple yet complicated strategies.

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